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Year 12 Certificates Evening 1st Dec 2011 @ 7:30pm


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Year 11 Mock Exam TImetable 2011

At Hadleigh we understand the importance of learning - it is central to all we do. We live in a rapidly changing world and our children need to have the ability to learn effectively as well as show the skills of resilience, adaptability and flexibility to succeed in the future. Children's ability to learn is dependent on positive relationships and at our school these are based on the traditional values of respect, trust and consideration of others within a caring and nurturing environment.

Our focus at Hadleigh is what goes on in the classroom. Not all pupils learn in the same way. Therefore, we look at how we teach as well as what we teach to ensure we provide children with approaches which allow all to learn effectively. Our pupils enjoy their learning because it is stimulating, challenging and relevant and our lessons are lively and interactive, including the use of the latest technology. We encourage our pupils to gain greater independence by being actively involved in their own learning, reflecting on what they have learned and managing their work successfully. We also create opportunities to think creatively, engage with new ideas and develop strong team skills.

In addition, we challenge our pupils to actively assess and improve their learning. By setting high expectations and standards we want our learners to have the confidence to think for themselves and develop the skills required to be highly successful life-long learners.

I hope this website will give you an insight into our community and I encourage you to come and look around our school and see for yourself. I look forward to welcoming you.

Caroline Gibson