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Mrs S Graham , Mrs V Read,  Miss Z Cox

Key Stage 3

The aim of our Key Stage 3 curriculum is to develop student’s skills and creativity in preparation for the GCSE course. Each student will have one lesson a fortnight in Year 7. In Year 8 and 9 students have two lessons a fortnight for half a year and then one lesson a fortnight for the other half.


All Key Stage 3 schemes of work are all designed to offer each year group a broad and balanced experience of Art and Design and to develop student’s skills and knowledge based around the four objectives that they are assessed on at GCSE.  The projects have been chosen to deliver a mix of different art from different cultures and periods of time which cover a wide range of different techniques and skills.


We fully encouraged students to be imaginative and creative within the department and celebrate their work by placing selected pieces in our termly whole school showcases and creating large displays around school.


Year  7

Project 1  - Colour Theory

Project 2 -  Robots


Year 8

Project 1  - Bugs and Beatles

Project 2 -  Harvest and Hedgerows

Project 3 -  You Cube


Year 9  - ‘It’s our world’

Students in Year 9 work on a personalised project where they can express their personality in different pieces of artwork. They have the opportunity to complete detailed analysis of many artists which they then use as inspiration to develop ideas through research and experimentation. They will then create small personalised final pieces using materials and techniques of their choice. This provides a good skill and knowledge base in preparation for GCSE.   


Assessment at Key Stage Three


Students will have regular formative assessments allowing teachers to track progress and identify gaps in skills and knowledge. This is then used to tailor lessons and any intervention that is needed.

Key Stage 4

The student will study Pearson Edexcel Art and Design working within the title Art, Craft and Design. The Pearson Edexcel in Art and Design consists of two internally assessed and externally moderated components.


Component 1: Personal Portfolio (Titles/themes for each project are internally set by the department)


Component 2: Externally Set Assignment. (Title/theme set by exam board)


Component 1 is assessed on 120 guided learning hours. Students produce a Personal Portfolio which is divided into three themed projects worth 60% of the final grade.


Component 2 is an externally Set Assignment. Students will complete exam preparatory work in lessons working to meet the same assessment criteria as set in component 1. They will then produce a personal outcome or outcomes under exam conditions within 10 hours.


Each component is assessed against the same four assessment objectives. All work is internally set and is internally marked. A sample of work is then externally moderated by a visiting moderator at the end of Year 11.  Students will be awarded with one GCSE 1-9 grades.


Each student will have four lessons of Art per fortnight (typically, two lessons per week)


Component 1: Personal Portfolio (internally set)


Students create a Personal Portfolio of work that covers three different themes/titles.


Title 1 - Oceans

Title 2 – The Land

Title 3 – Previous year 11 exam title


Each project must comprise supporting studies and personal responses to demonstrates the knowledge, understanding and skills for the following four assessment objectives:


  • Develop and explore ideas
  • Research primary and contextual sources
  • Experiment with media, materials, techniques and processes
  • Present personal response(s)


This component is completed throughout Year 10 and at the start of Year 11.

The core key skills needed will be taught throughout all three titles using the same format. This will support students to compile a sketchbook that demonstrates their skills in meeting all four assessment objectives. Responses will include evidence of drawing for different purposes and written annotation.


Students are encouraged to do their own research and work in their sketchbooks in an individual way. We also would encourage all students to visit galleries and museums independently and take photographs whenever possible.


Component 2:  Externally Set Assignment

This assignment title is released to centres in January and is worth 40% of the final grade. Students will complete exam preparation in the same format as component 1 covering the same four assessment objectives. They will then produce a personal outcome or outcomes under exam conditions within 10 hours (typically over two days)


Assessment and Intervention at Key Stage 4


Students will receive regular formative assessments allowing teachers to track progress and identify gaps in skills and knowledge.


For those students with the most significant progress gaps, after-school intervention sessions will be delivered in order to help them catch up. 


In Year 11, students will sit a mock exam which allows us to gain accurate data on student progress. Preparatory work to compile a sketchbook will begin in October and then in January they will then produce a personal outcome within 10 hours under exam conditions. Although this project is treated as a mock it goes towards their personal portfolio for component 1.





Useful websites

and resources

GCSE Art::



GCSE Bitesize Art and Design – Understanding the four assessment objectives

Student Art Guide – Understanding the process of a sketchbook

Pinterest – Researching artists and techniques

YouTube - Researching how to use different techniques/processes


Possible areas of future Studies

Art A Level

Diploma Art and Design

Possible future careers




Graphic designer



Costume designer

Fashion designer


Furniture design

Interior designer

Set designer

Textiles designer

Web designer

Games designer