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Hadleigh High School

Student Voice and Leadership 

Student Voice is a huge part of life at Hadleigh High School. It allows students to have a say about what goes on at their school and be active participants in the school community. Student voice helps students to participate in and contribute to a number of processes at school, including:

  • decision making in a variety of areas like curriculum planning and school community values;
  • forming a student-led Action Team to research and develop strategies to improve the school community;
  • providing feedback about teaching and learning at the school.

Positions of Responsibility

Positions of responsibilities include: 

  • Head Students;
  • Prefect Leaders for Creative Arts;
  • Prefect Leaders for Community;
  • Prefect Leaders for Primary Liaison;
  • Arts Prefects;
  • Community Prefects;
  • Primary Liaison Prefects;
  • Junior House Prefects;
  • Junior Sports Prefects;
  • Transition Coaches;
  • Year Council Representatives;
  • School Council Representatives.

Why is Student Voice Important?

Young people spend a lot of time at school.  After the family, school has the most significant influence on child development, so making students’ time at school enjoyable and worthwhile supports their mental health and wellbeing. Part of this process involves supporting students to be active contributors to their own learning.   

The sense of belonging, positive relationships and improved self-esteem achieved when children are active contributors in their school community, are significant protective factors that support their mental health and wellbeing now and in the future.