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Hadleigh High School


Hadleigh High School aims to raise the achievement of all its students and to ensure that it meets the following aims:

  • To encourage learners to adopt healthy lifestyles
  • To ensure learners feel safe and adopt safe practices
  • To ensure learners enjoy their education
  • To encourage learners to make a positive contribution to the community
  • To aid learners to prepare for their future economic well-being.

Students will:

  • Arrive on site by 8.25am each school day, correctly dressed in uniform
  • Attend registration and assembly on time
  • Attend all lessons on time
  • Ensure parents/carers provide proper explanation of their absences
  • Be prepared to make up missed work and ask for help if this is required
  • Stay on site during the School day
  • Sign out at Student Reception if they have to attend an appointment (evidence must be provided). Parents must ensure that all efforts are made to book appointments outside of the School opening times.

Parents/Carers will:

  • Encourage students to leave home in plenty of time in the mornings
  • Ensure that they are in the correct School uniform
  • Inform the School if a student is unwell or going to be late. Give an indication as to when the student will be well enough to return.
  • Make routine medical/dental appointments out of school time
  • Arrange for holidays to be taken out of term time. Should this be impossible, application for exception leave should be made in good time on the appropriate form to the Headteacher.


  •                                           Attendance  %                                                       Days absent in a year
  •                                               100                                                                                         0
  •                                               99                                                                                           2
  •                                               98                                                                                           4
  •                                               97                                                                                           6
  •                                               96                                                                                           8
  •                                               95                                                                                           10
  •                                               94                                                                                           12
  •                                               93                                                                                           14
  •                                               92                                                                                           16
  •                                               91                                                                                           18
  •                                               90                                                                                           20


1 day off a month =  2 weeks missed at school each year

17 days off school each year = 1 Grade lower at GCSE

 Average earnings:

0 Qualifications = £7.44 per hour

GCSEs = £9.02 per hour

'A' Levels = £10.25 per hour

Graduate degree = £15.01 per hour