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Hadleigh High School


At Hadleigh High School we know that regular attendance to school is the biggest factor in achievement. Irregular attendance is the single biggest barrier to learning that our students face.  It is one of our highest priorities and we always seek to work in partnership with all our families to ensure all students attend school as much as possible, maximising the opportunities to realise their full potential.

We would describe excellent attendance as 100% and encourage all students to aspire to this.  It is achieved by a large number of students each term and so we know it is an achievable target.  We are a school who are proud to always have high expectations of our students and it is worth pointing out that 90% attendance is the equivalent of missing one day a fortnight and over a 5-year period (the course of Years 7-11) it would equate to missing half of an entire school year.

Attendance %

Days Absent in a year


1 day off a month =  2 weeks missed at school each year



17 days off school each year = 1 Grade lower at GCSE



Average earnings:


No Qualifications = £7.44 per hour


GCSEs = £9.02 per hour


'A' Levels = £10.25 per hour


Graduate degree = £15.01 per hour























Reporting an Absence

If your child is unable to attend school please contact the school’s absence line on: 

01473 820940 by 8.30am on each day of your child's absence

 Please state clearly your child’s name, tutor group and reason for absence. Any students absent without notice will receive a phone call from the Attendance Officer. Any students not reported will be recorded as unauthorised absence.

Authorised and Unauthorised Absence

Only the school can authorise any absence from school and we do this directly in line with Government guidelines that are given to schools.  These guidelines are very specific and only allow the school to authorise absence in the following cases:

  • Medical appointments, interviews or other special circumstances (the Government describes these as “leave”)
  • Illness
  • Religious observance (for these occurrences we ask parents to write to the Headteacher in advance)

In all other cases the absence will be recorded as unauthorised.  The school complies with the legal provisions of the Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003 and under specified criteria regarding unauthorised absence Fixed Penalty Notices and/or legal proceedings can be issued.  The specific criteria and further details on this can be found in Hadleigh High School's Attendance policy.

Any holidays taken in term time will be recorded as unauthorised except in the most exceptional of circumstances following submission of an application by the parent/carer to the Headteacher well in advance.  The Headteacher will then decide whether or not to authorise any of the requested period. 

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Students must arrive at school before 8.25am

Students are expected to be on time for school every day and on time for every lesson.  Consistently good punctuality is essential for students to reach their full potential.  As with attendance it is also perfect preparation for adult life and the world of work, as well as informing all references that are provided to further education institutions and employers.

A register is taken each day and during every lesson, any pupils arriving late are recorded as thus on the register.  These records are saved and can be accessed by parents through Go4schools.

According to the Department for Education guidelines, attendance registers must be closed after a certain time in the morning.  Therefore, any student who arrives after 9.30am cannot receive a late mark but have to be marked absent for the entire morning session.

The school places a huge emphasis on good punctuality and has rigorous system of sanctions for students who are repeatedly late.  Such as, the issuing of detentions and early morning report.  

Parental contribution to punctuality is just as vital as it is to attendance and the school always encourage parents to:

  • Ensure their children get up in plenty of time to get ready and prepared for school
  • Ensure that their child packs their bag with the necessary books and equipment the night before
  • Closely monitor their child’s planner to ensure there are no patterns of lateness
  • Support the school when dealing with any issues regarding punctuality