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Mr Sam Melton

Key Stage 3

The purpose of our curriculum is to allow students to be introduced to the world’s six major religions. They will also experience some of the less known religions and cultures such as Aborigine as well as non-religious organisations such as Humanists. 

We also introduce students to the Declaration of Human Rights and touch on concepts such as equality, prejudice and forgiveness.


Year  7

Religion and the Natural World

Christianity focusing on the life of Jesus



Year 8

What does Justice mean for Christians?

Introduction to Buddhism

Good vs Evil and the Diary of Anne Frank


Year 9

Introduction to Judaism

Bridging Unit (Introduction to key themes for GCSE)


Assessment at Key Stage Three

Students will undergo formal assessment twice a year during whole school knowledge weeks.  Within lessons students will frequently be assessed using high frequency/low stakes activities.

Key Stage 4

Our Key Stage 4 curriculum follows the AQA GCSE Religious Studies (specification A)




Students study the beliefs and practices of both Judaism and Christianity as well as looking at four key themes. 



Themes include:

  • Religion and Life (considering Abortion and Euthanasia)
  • Peace and Conflict (focusing of the need for war and belief in pacifism)
  • Crime and Punishment (looking issues such as the Death Penalty)

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