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Hadleigh High School


Uniform is an important part of our school. We believe it promotes a sense of identity and establishes good working habits.


An acceptance of a place at the School implies an acceptance of our uniform and dress code.  Parents and carers should be aware that students arriving in incorrect uniform, will be removed to isolation until appropriate uniform replacements have been provided. 


A detailed overview of the uniform is found below:


Uniform Information from COES

School Uniform 

Uniform Image

Available from

Jumper Official school jumper with school logo.

Only available at Coes

COES schoolwear 


Plain white shirt which fastens at the neck – long or short sleeved.

Any stockists


Please note that Marks and Spencer are now doing a discrete adaptive range for SEN.

Clip-on Tie Official school tie.

Only available at Coes

COES schoolwear 


Plain black tailored skirt of knee length. No tight fitting, denim, cord or lycra skirts.

Any stockists but it must be of knee length.


Please note that Marks and Spencer are now doing a discrete adaptive range for SEN.



Plain black tailored trousers. The trousers must have a hem and be ankle length.

No jeans, canvas, combat, cord, lycra or ‘skinny style’ trousers of any kind.



Any stockists but they must be slim fit not skinny fit.


Please note that Marks and Spencer are now doing a discrete adaptive range for SEN.


Plain black socks or plain black tights.

Any stockists

Plain black shoes with a low heel - no coloured laces or stitching. No trainers, canvas shoes, boots, stilettos, mules or sling backs.


Any stockists but it must not look like a trainer.
Outdoor Clothing

A sensible outdoor coat (preferably waterproof). No sweatshirts or hoodies.


Any stockists

Students with pierced ears are allowed to wear a small plain stud in the lobe of each ear. Bracelets, necklaces and other piercings such as nose studs are not allowed.

A wrist watch is allowed.



Extreme hairstyles are not allowed. No hair shorter than number 2, no patterns or lines cut into hair, no unnatural colours or unnatural combinations. The school reserves the right to make the final decision on what constitutes an extreme hairstyle.


Make-up Discreet make-up is permitted. Nail varnish or false nails are not allowed, and have serious health and safety risks in some lessons e.g. Science.

 PE Kit

Rugby Shirt

This is compulsory for boys, girls have an option of the training top (with zip) as an alternative.

PE Polo Shirt

Sports polo shirt with school logo


Navy shadow stripe shorts OR navy skort


Navy socks with gold ‘hoop’

White ankle socks (indoor and summer)


Training Shoes (non-marking soles)

Studded boots, shin pads advisable.


Navy tracksuit bottoms- optional.

Gum Shield

We recommend a gum shield for sports such as rugby and hockey.


All school uniform is available from:


    COES of Ipswich,

20-28 Norwich Road,


IP1 2NH.

Tel:  (01473) 256061



Grants are available for children and young people who live in Hadleigh in Suffolk and need financial assistance with their education or training. Grants can be used to help with school uniform, course books, equipment or travel for people at school, college, university.


To apply for this financial support please find below applications forms for:

Aldham Common Charity 

Ann Beaumont’s Educational Foundation