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Hadleigh High School

The House System

Hadleigh High School uses a house system. There are six houses with a form in each year representing one of the houses. The houses are all named after individuals who have a connection to Hadleigh and the local area. The houses are as follows:


Oswald (Red)


World record holder for long distance flying, breaking records in 1927, 1933 and 1938.


Ansell (Orange)


John Ansell was a wealthy 19th century local business man. The Ansell Centre was built in 1863 as a day school for the poorer children of the area who would otherwise have received no education.

Duncan (Blue)


When the 353rd Fighter Group arrived at Raydon airfield, it was led by Colonel Glenn Duncan.


Morris (Yellow)


The noted 20th century painter who moved to Hadleigh in the 1930s.



Toppesfield (Green)


An annual fair was secured from Henry III by the Lord of Toppesfield



Guthrum (Purple)


King of the Danes who made Hadleigh capital of England for two weeks. He is believed to be buried under St Mary’s church.



Hadleigh’s house system is designed to develop a sense of community along with encouraging competition. Student's will be able to earn House points individually, as part of a form, or when representing the school. House points will be tallied up across the year with the House Cup being presented in the whole school assembly on the last day of term.