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Hadleigh High School

Pupil Premium

It is our intention to ensure that all pupils achieve their full potential at Hadleigh High School. Underpinning this is our aim to provide the highest possible standards in teaching and learning for all pupils.  Progress of all pupils is tracked rigorously with the aim of addressing under performance.  However we are aware that some pupils may need additional support through their school career. At Hadleigh we operate on the principle of DP first, meaning our disadvantaged pupils are given priority when it comes to options, school trips, additional support classes, careers advice etc. 

The plans below set out our actions to ensure that our disadvantaged pupils achieve as well as possible and there is no gap in achievement with their non-DP peers.  It is based on the principles of the following, ongoing, cycle: 

  •  Understand the barriers to learning faced by vulnerable pupils

  • Put in place the strategies which can aid pupils in overcoming those barriers

  • Identify success criteria for those strategies

  • Evaluate effectiveness  

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