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Hadleigh High School

Our Vision and Values

Hadleigh High School is a comprehensive school where students of all abilities can develop and thrive as individuals and as part of an inclusive community. All students understand that belief in oneself, when combined with integrity and doing the right things in the right way will lead to success.

We combine the traditional values of discipline and respect with contemporary best practice in teaching, learning and use of technology. We inspire and support every student to achieve their personal best by fostering a love of learning, a passion for enquiry and a dedication to being the best they can be.


Our message is simple:  Aim High, Work Hard, Be Kind.

Aim High

We celebrate students who aim high and aspire to do their best in every aspect of their school life. They reflect on their success and respond positively to feedback.

Work hard

We celebrate students who work hard and demonstrate excellent behaviour at all times. Students complete all work to the best of their ability, meet deadlines and are self-motivated. They work with enthusiasm and are willing to adapt their ideas as their knowledge develops.

Be Kind

We celebrate students who are kind and show respect to everybody in the school and beyond. They are active members of our community who build positive relationships with all and care for their environment. They work well in teams and co-operate to help and support each other.



Hadleigh's Core Values