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Hadleigh High School


Staff Members

Miss A Jowett, Mr A Betts

Creative Arts Faculty Leader: Mr A Betts

Key Stage 3


Throughout Year 7, 8 and 9, students learn and apply three key areas of knowledge:





The knowledge taught in each year is as follows:


Year 7: Introduction to Drama

  • Stage Positions
  • Types of Staging
  • Acting Skills
  • Proxemics & Levels
  • Dramatic Techniques


Year 8: Brecht & Noughts And Crosses

  • Epic Theatre Techniques
  • Key Plot Points of Noughts And Crosses
  • Themes in Noughts And Crosses
  • Character Relationships in Noughts And Crosses
  • Acting Skills


Year 9: Stanislavski & Blood Brothers

  • Naturalism Techniques
  • Key Plot Points of Blood Brothers
  • Themes in Blood Brothers
  • Characters in Blood Brothers
  • Acting Skills


Assessment at Key Stage Three

Students will experience one Knowledge Week in Year 7, one in Year 8 and two in Year 9. They will be assessed on their understanding of the key knowledge and their practical application of it. The understanding accounts for 50% of their grades and the practical application accounts for the other 50%.

Key Stage 4

We follow the GCSE Music course AQA 8261. - last exam session 2020


Understanding Drama (40%)

Students will complete a 1 hour 45 minutes written exam in three sections:

Section A - knowledge and understanding of drama and theatre (multiple choice)

Section B - four questions on a given extract from a set play studied in class

Section C - analysis  and evaluation of the work of live theatre makers


Devising Drama (40%)

Students will devise their own piece of drama which is performed to an audience. They will also complete a devising log which contributes to the mark for this unit.


Texts in Practice (20%)

Students will perform two extracts from one play to a visiting examiner from AQA.



From September 2019, our learners will be following the BTEC First Award in Performing Arts (Pearson) 

BTEC Performing Arts

  • Acting Skills and Techniques

Working in the Performing Arts Industry

Useful websites

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GCSE Specification

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Possible areas of future Studies

A-Level Drama and Theatre


Possible future careers

Jobs directly related to drama include:

  • Actor
  • Community arts worker
  • Drama Therapist
  • Director
  • Theatre Designer
  • Producer
  • Stage Manager


Jobs indirectly related to drama include:

  • Arts administrator
  • Broadcast presenter
  • Teacher/lecturer


Studying Drama shows future employers that can work well on you own and in a team, you are confident, you can present, etc.