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Hadleigh High School provides all of our students with an excellent package of careers education that prepares them to achieve success in the next stage of their lives beyond our school. Beginning in Year 7 and going right through to the end of Year 11, our students access a wide range of guidance and support that ensures they are ready for the challenges of further study or the world of work. A crucial aspect of this is the fact that we have fostered excellent links with a wide variety of post-16 education and training providers in the area and continue to work towards developing strong partnerships with a number of local employers.  When our students leave Year 11, we ensure that they have an excellent understanding of the full range of post-16 options that are available to them.  Whether students wish to pursue a ‘traditional’ academic route of A levels, take up an apprenticeship or traineeship with a local employer, or work towards achieving a vocational qualification, we will provide our students with the guidance that they need to achieve their full potential.

Careers Programme

For more details of the careers programme that our students follow, please click on the documents below:

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Hadleigh High School Post 16 and Careers page

Work Experience and Employer Links

As a school, we recognise the importance of establishing strong links with the world of work.  Doing so can help our students to develop their understanding of what employment actually involves and support them in building up skills that will ultimately be valued in the workplace. As such we encourage our students to undertake one week of work experience in July of Year 10. We believe work experience is highly valuable to our students, giving them the opportunity to see what the working world is like. They learn how places of work are organised, what work processes are and that employer expectations are very different to school. We feel this experience is vital to our students’ development into young adults. 


We are pro-active in developing meaningful links with a wide range of employers and are keen to continue creating new opportunities for our students to engage with as many employers as possible both within school and also at the workplace.


If you are a local employer who would be interested in supporting the programme of careers education that we offer to students, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact Mrs Wright the school’s Careers Admin Assistant, at this email address:



Future Choices

At the end of their time at Hadleigh High School, we are anxious to ensure that all of our students go on to achieve great success in the future. Crucial to this is the need to ensure that the right choices are made at the end of Year 11.  As a school, Hadleigh High School looks to foster strong links with a range of local post-16 education and training providers. In addition to well-established relationships with local colleges and sixth forms, in recent years we have made significant changes to our careers programme to make sure that our students are fully aware of apprenticeship routes and traineeships, ensuring all students are aware of the full range of post-16 options that are available to them.   Our intention is to ensure that our students have the fullest possible understanding of the range of options that are available to them and then receive the necessary guidance to make the right choices to ensure their future success.

Our Local Post-16 Providers

Suffolk One



Suffolk New College



Easton College



Colchester Sixth Form College



Colchester Institute



Colchester Royal Grammar School



Northgate Sixth Form



Thomas Gainsborough Sixth Form



West Suffolk College


Who to talk to if you have a question

Mr Green (Assistant Headteacher) is responsible for overseeing the whole school strategy for careers education.


Mr Gartlan (Faculty Lead for PSHE and Careers) leads on key aspects of our day to day programme. 


Isabel Wright (Careers Admin Assistant) works with Mr Green and Mr Gartlan. 


Ms Natalie Lusted (Careers Advisor) supports the schools' careers education and is contracted from ‘The Modern Careers Education and Guidance Services’. 


All of the above will happily speak with any student or parent / carer who would like further advice relating to future careers intentions and how best our students can work towards achieving these.