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Hadleigh High School

Super Curriculum

At Hadleigh High School, we aim to provide students with opportunities to develop their love of learning.  To this end, we have developed a Super Curriculum which provides students with a range of suggested activities that take their regular curriculum further.

These activities take many forms including reading, watching videos online, downloading podcasts, visiting museums and entering academic competitions. By engaging with super-curricular activities we hope that students will retain a strong sense of curiosity about the world and develop a lifelong love of learning. A person who is curious and who enjoys learning for its own sake will never be bored and is likely to find unexpected opportunities opening up to them. In addition to this, super-curricular engagement will improve a student's independent learning skills and give them a deeper level of understanding of what really interests them.

 On this page you can download subject booklets which include a range of activities for that specific subject. These kinds of activities improve students’ chances of gaining entry onto highly competitive college and university courses – allowing students to demonstrate a genuine love for learning and an engagement with the subject, beyond the classroom.