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Hadleigh High School

Year Structure

At Hadleigh we place great emphasis on the quality of pastoral care given to our students and maintain very close transition links with our partner primary schools.


Hadleigh High School operates a year structure. The Year  Leader will oversee the induction of your child into school, and oversee your child’s progress during their time at Hadleigh High School.


Each student will be allocated to a tutor group. Morning registration will take place within these groups and nearly all lessons in Year 7 are given within these groupings. Each tutor group will have a tutor base, a room in the school where registration takes place and where the pupil can feel a sense of permanence. The major difference for your child will be that the tutor group moves around the school to where lessons take place. The tutor group will participate in assemblies during the course of the week.


The form tutor is a key member of staff whom you should get to know. This person will carefully monitor your child’s development, offering guidance and counseling when necessary.


It is to the tutor that you should turn if you need to contact the school regarding your child. The Year Leader will not necessarily be involved in routine matters, but will be kept informed at all times.


Apart from the normal range of lessons there will be an array of extra-curricular activities of a sporting, social and fundraising nature. We would hope to see as many students involved as possible and we encourage every year 7 to join at least one club.


Form tutors play a vital role in ensuring that we know each child as an individual and are able to encourage each of them to succeed. Parents/carers receive regular feedback in the form of reports, consultation evenings and progress checks throughout the academic year. If you have any concerns about your child, the following procedure is in place:


Contact 1—Tutor or Subject Teacher

Contact 2—Head/Assistant Head of Lower/Upper School  

Contact 3—Member of School Leadership Team


The Hadleigh

Code of Practice


  • The school is a place of learning. Concentrate hard on your work and allow others to learn;
  • Show respect to everyone, adults and pupils alike;
  • Bring the correct books and equipment to school including your planner;
  • Record home learning in your planner and complete it to the best of your ability;
  • Wear the correct school uniform smartly;
  • Eat only at break and lunchtimes and in the appropriate areas;
  • Take care of the buildings and environment. Keep the school free from litter and graffiti;
  • Move around the school sensibly and quietly;
  • Give letters and newsletters to your parents/carers;
  • Represent the school responsibly both on and off the school premises;